A Gym Bunny

So, I am aware that my recent blogs may come across as showing sadness, anger and perhaps a little narcissistic. But, no I am not going to apologise for that – I am done with apologies.  What I am dealing with is utterly devastating. But this time I want to be more positive, even happy!!  I am blessed with a positive, cup half full, personality and this helps me, a little, to deal with my situation. 

So, there are goals and aspirations I want to achieve. I am now attending a gym for disabled people (able2b) engaging the services of a great physiotherapist and personal trainer, Scott and Gill. I am working on trying to walk without a quad stick (a bit scary!) and using a treadmill and fixed cycle (a motomed) to get some cardiovascular exercise.  I do worry about sitting down for most of the day, I don’t want to become too over weight – eating cake and drinking my lattes.  My heart needs to have exercise and a good diet. I have an initial goal of reducing my weight and keeping it down and I am not doing too badly, I think anyway. I do have other goals and aspirations, but that can wait for another blog. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday I go to Norwich to attend the gym. It is a 2-hour session with an additional 2 hours of travel. I don’t begrudge this but sometimes I feel that everything I do is stroke related.  I am not enthusiastic about going, neither of us are, but once the session is over I do feel invigorated and encouraged about my progress; and, of course, it has to be celebrated around the corner with a good coffee! Scott and Gill do push me ( in a positive way) which leaves me somewhat exhausted but elated at what I am beginning to achieve. Onwards and upwards.

A quote from a little book by Desmond Tutu: 

Laughing with God

The audience had a wonderful capacity to laugh… it seemed extraordinary, this gift of laughter in the midst of so much anguish. Perhaps, as has sometimes been remarked, we laugh only, because if we did not, we would cry and cry.

‘forward’, in Nelson Mandela.

How true is that! 

Peter x

13 thoughts on “A Gym Bunny

  1. Go Peter. You are a star and doing so well at keeping positive and resilient. It is also okay to be honest about your pain and that is sometimes just as helpful to others as your positivity. Big virtual hug coming your way xx

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  2. You are one amazing guy that will not give up… I so admire you PT,i to be honest I always have… when I read your stories you actually give me a lot of inspiration and I am so proud of you… I know one day you will show the world how you have beat this with all your hard work and determination! I love you very much and know you will achieve all your goals! Never give up PT … sending lots of healing love and hugs xxxdi
    Sending lots of love to Duncan too xxx

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  3. Thanks for sharing your journey. So glad to hear of the progress you are making. We are all cheering you on in spirit. Keep up the fight. Best to you and Duncan

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  4. Hello Peter

    Thanks for your latest post.
    I’m Anita and friends with Mike and Richard.

    My husband Jim had a stroke in Feb 2019 followed by a second round in July 2019 and I’m his wife first and Carer.

    Jim stroke was what they call “ out of the blue” ! The expression annoys me enormously and understated.
    Life changing and traumatic is what I would put it at.

    In searching for a private neuro physiotherapist, one of the questions I would ask if they had training in dealing with trauma and interestingly the NHS do not have trauma counselling as part of stroke treatment pathway.

    I am a Hindu and raised spiritually and with daily meditative prayers and found that I could accept my changed circumstances, however as Jim wife I recognised that my change is lifestyle is by choice but he had no choice in it.
    For that reason never apologise for how you feel and I’m glad to hear you have set short term goals and have a plan so enjoy gym.

    Wishing you well.
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    • HI Anita,
      I thought your comment about the need for Trauma Counselling was spot on. Even Trauma informed care, recognizing the huge, life changing event that has taken place, is essential. It could be so easy to ignore the person behind the stroke and focus only on the resulting diabilities.
      Liz (Peter’s sister in law)


    • Thank you very much Anita for your insightful comments. I am still coming to terms with the massive impact this had on me not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. Coming to terms with possibility of being very disabled (potentially) for the rest of my life is distressing to say the least. My retirement plans have been clobbered and I feel robbed. I completely agree with your comment about trauma counselling. I was very struck at the lack of experience the staff had on my rehabilitation ward in dealing with loss and grief, something I was passionate about in my work (palliative care) before I retired. Many thanks again and hopefully, we (both you and your husband, Jim) will get to meet soon. Peter x


  5. Peter, it is so good to see that picture of you. Looks and sounds like you are doing well in the gym, if not enthusiatically ha ha! Hopefully the sense of achievement, knowing that you are getting back in shape and the grande latte will keep you motivated!
    Keep up the good work both of you.


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